When we decided to update our website we had the idea to tell our customers the history of James Shaw & Son. The company was established in 1952 and over the decades has always stayed as a family run business. Part of this history involved delving deep into our store cupboards looking for pictures of the James Shaw and Son company from the past, unfortunately we didnt find as much as we’d hoped to but what we did find was very interesting (at least to us). The images we found actually showed the Livery and logos from the past, we asked our website designer if he would be able to extrapolate the logos from the images and recreate them. and here is what he came up with:

1950’s Logo & Livery

From what we can tell this is an image of the first truck we ever owned, this is when the company was called SHAWS TRANSPORT. We believe this truck to be a “Bedford S” registered in 1952. Obviously the image is black and white making it near impossible to ascertain the colour of the truck and the livery.

1970’s Logo & Livery

The company changed it’s name to JAMES SHAW TRANSPORT. We believe this truck to be a “ERF A Series” registered in 1973.

1980’s Logo & Livery

The company name finally became JAMES SHAW & SON since Stephen Shaw had entered the business as a driver. We believe this truck to be a “DAF 3300” registered in 1983.

Present Day Logo & Livery

Today the company is still called JAMES SHAW & SON, Stephen Shaw and son Andrew Shaw now run the business. We have 15 SCANIA vehicles and a large range of different trailers such as Refrigerated Trailers, Flat Bed Trailers, Standard Curtained Trailers and Extended Length Trailers.

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